20 Dates

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20 Dates ★★½ 1999 (R)

Writer/di rector Myles Berkowitz, recently divorced and having career problems, decided to combine these two problems into one. He filmed himself going on 20 dates, some times without the dates' knowledge (until he sprung the release form on ‘em at the end of the night). Some of it's real, some staged, but all of it focuses on Berkowitz. He talks about himself, and the project, incessantly, which gets annoying after awhile, but the film has its moments. When one of the dates actually works out, and turns into a budding romance, he has to tell the girl that he's still obligated to play out the string. Some of the funnier moments are his conversations with his financial backer, who thought he was getting a sex romp flick. 88m/C VHS. D: Myles Berkowitz; W: Myles Berkowitz; C: Adam Biggs; M: Bob Mann, Steve Tyrell.

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20 Dates

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