Noris, Assia (1912—)

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Noris, Assia (1912—)

Russian-born actress. Born Anastasia von Gerzfeld on February 26, 1912, in Petrograd (St. Petersburg), Russia; married three times: her second husband was director Mario Camerini.

Films include:

Tre Uomini in Frak (1932); La Signorina dell'Autobus (1933); Giallo (1933); Quei Due (1934); Darò un Milione (1935); Una Donna fra Due Mondi (Between Two Worlds, 1937); Il Signor Max (1937); Grandi Magazzini (1939); Dora Nelson (1939); Una Romantica Avventura (1940); Un Colpo di Pistola (1941); Una Storia d'Amore (1942); Le Capitaine Fracasse (Fr., 1943); I Dieci Comandamenti (The Ten Commandments, 1945); Che Distinta Famiglia! (1945); Amina (Egypt, 1949); La Celestina (1964).

Born in Russia in 1912, the daughter of a Ukrainian woman and a German officer, Assia Noris rose to prominence in Italian films of the 1930s and early 1940s. Many of her movies were directed by her second husband, Mario Camerini, and co-starred Vittorio De Sica, who was a matinee idol before he became a director. Around 1945, Noris married her third husband, a British military officer, and emigrated to Egypt. She made only two films after that, one in 1949 and the last in 1964.