Noriega: God's Favorite

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Noriega: God's Favorite ★★½ 2000

Hoskins is the reason to watch this cable drama about Panamanian strongman Gen. Manuel “Tony” Noriega who was deposed in 1989 after the U.S. invasion. He has a complicated private life and an even more complicated political existence that includes Castro, the CIA, Colombian drug cartels, and various rivals for power. 115m/C VHS . Bob Hoskins, Jeffrey DeMunn, Richard Masur, Nestor Carbonell, Tony Plana, Luis Avalos, Edward Edwards, David Marshall Grant, Rosa Blasi, Denise Blasor, John Verea, Michael Sorich; D: Roger Spottiswoode; W: Lawrence Wright; C: Pierre Mignot. CABLE