Normal Life

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Normal Life ★★ 1996 (R)

Straight-arrow, smalltown Illinois rookie cop Chris Anderson (Perry) comes to the aid of sexy, impetuous biker chick Pam (Judd) and they impulsively marry. Fast forward two years and the willfully irresponsible Pam has turned their lives into a disaster but for some reason Chris (now a security guard) sticks it out, even pulling bank jobs to afford Pam's luxuries. When she finds out what Chris has been doing, Pam insists on joining in, leading to a bitter end. Based on the true story of Jeffrey and Jill Erickson, who went on a bank robbing spree and were killed in 1991. Great lead performances though character motivation is lacking. 108m/C VHS, DVD . Luke Perry, Ashley Judd, Bruce A. Young, Jim True-Frost, Dawn Maxey, Penelope Milford, Tom Towles, Kate Walsh; D: John McNaughton; W: Bob Schneider, Peg Haller; C: Jean De Segonzac.