Guidosalvi, Sancia (fl. early 12th c.)

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Guidosalvi, Sancia (fl. early 12th c.)

Spanish sculptor. Name variation: Sancha. Flourished in the early 12th century in Spain.

Sancia Guidosalvi was a Spanish sculptor of great talent. The only known work of hers to survive is a large silver cross with figures carved in relief. Her origins are unclear; she was probably a nun, although she may have been a professional artist commissioned to create the cross for an altar. Sancia seems to have been a pious and dedicated worker, while at the same time a woman proud of her accomplishments. She carved her own personal statement onto a cross, spelling out her name as the creator of the piece and attesting that she did it to further the glory of God; this is rather unusual for a piece of medieval art, for most artists of the time chose to remain anonymous.

Laura York , Riverside, California

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Guidosalvi, Sancia (fl. early 12th c.)

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