Guido of Anderlecht, St.

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Confessor, known as St. Wye (in Flemish) and the "Poor Man of Anderlecht"; d. Anderlecht, Belgium, Sept. 12, 1012. The only details concerning the life of Guido come from a vita composed 100 years after his death. According to this text, Guido was the son of peasant parents in Brabant and become a sexton at the church of Our Lady in Laeken, near Brussels. After engaging in business for some time as a merchant, he undertook a seven-year pilgrimage to Rome and Jerusalem as expiation. After his return, Guido lived out the few remaining days of his life in Anderlecht. He began to be venerated as a result of miracles reputedly worked at his almost forgotten tomb in that city.

Feast: Sept. 12.

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