Guido Maramaldi, Bl.

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Dominican preacher and inquisitor; b. Naples, Italy, mid-14th century; d. there, c. 1391. Born of noble Neopolitan parents, Guido entered the dominicans at San Domenico in Naples, studied philosophy and theology there, and enjoyed a reputation as a pulpit orator. In Ragusa the citizens erected a Dominican convent as a tribute to his preaching, and later he was appointed inquisitor (see inquisition) for the Kingdom of Naples. He was buried at the chapel of the Rosary in the church of San Domenico, and the popularity of his cult soon caused the chapel to become known as the chapel of Blessed Guido. The cult never received official approbation, but Domenico Marchese (d. 1692) prevailed upon the bol landists to insert a brief notice on Guido in the Acta Sanctorum in 1612.

Feast: June 25.

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