Guggenheim, Florence Shloss (1863–1944)

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Guggenheim, Florence Shloss (1863–1944)

American philanthropist. Name variations: Mrs. Daniel Guggenheim. Born Florence Shloss on September 3, 1863; died on May 13, 1944; married Daniel Guggenheim (1856–1930); sister-in-law of Irene and Olga Guggenheim ; children: M. Robert Guggenheim (1885–1959); Harry Frank Guggenheim (1890–1971); Gladys Eleanor Guggenheim (1895–1980, who married Roger W. Straus, founder of Farrar, Straus & Giroux; she would serve as president of the Daniel and Florence Guggenheim Foundation)

During World War I, Florence Shloss Guggenheim personally sold $4 million worth of war bonds. In 1924, with her husband, she established the Daniel and Florence Guggenheim Foundation for "the promotion, through charitable and benevolent activities, of the well-being of man throughout the world," an enterprise close to her heart. She became its president on the death of her husband in 1930. In 1940, she opened her mansion, Hempstead House, to war orphans, then deeded the place to the Institute of Aeronautical Sciences. By 1975, the Daniel and Florence Guggenheim Foundation had given over 400 grants to 98 organizations which included hospitals and medical institutes. Florence Guggenheim was also sponsor of the Guggenheim Concerts in New York City and treasurer of the Women's National Republican Club from 1921 to 1938.

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Guggenheim, Florence Shloss (1863–1944)

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