Guglielmi, Noel 1970- (Noel Albert Guglielmi, Noel Gugliemi)

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Guglielmi, Noel 1970- (Noel Albert Guglielmi, Noel Gugliemi)


Surname is pronounced "Gool-yel-mee"; born 1970, in Santa Monica, CA.


Agent—Nancy Chaidez, Nancy Chaidez and Associates, 1555 Vine St., Suite 223, Hollywood, CA 90028; Tracy Christian, Don Buchwald and Associates, 6500 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 2200, Los Angeles, CA 90048.


Actor. Appeared in commercial for Pep Boys auto parts store. Sometimes sources credit him as Noel Gugliemi.


Film Appearances:

(Uncredited) Road Dogz, Shooting Star Partners, 2000.

Angel, Price of Glory, New Line Cinema, 2000.

(Uncredited) Mexican Mafia soldier, Brother, Sony Pictures Classics, 2001.

Johnny, The Barrio Murders, 2001.

Gang leader, The Animal, Columbia, 2001.

Hector, The Fast and the Furious, Universal, 2001.

Moreno, Training Day, Warner Bros., 2001.

Ghetto Rhapsody, Asylum, 2001.

Latino convict, National Security, Columbia, 2003.

First inmate, Masked and Anonymous, Sony Pictures Classics, 2003.

First student, Old School, DreamWorks, 2003.

Snuffy, Malibu's Most Wanted, Warner Bros., 2003.

Hood, Bruce Almighty, Universal, 2003.

Joker, Double Blade (short film), Magenta Pictures, 2003.

Latino thug, S.W.A.T., Columbia, 2003.

Capone, Wasabi Tuna, Cafe Entertainment Studios, 2003.

Second bar thug, El Matador, Madacy Entertainment, 2003.

Manuel, Wrong Turn (short film), 2003.

Robert, Party Animalz, Artisan Entertainment, 2004.

Paco, Candy Paint (short film), School of Cinema and Television, University of Southern California, 2005.

J. C., Duck, 2005, Right Brained Releasing, 2007.

Flaco, Harsh Times, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 2005.

Noel, Hallowed, Lifeline Entertainment, 2006.

Santos, Seven Mummies, American World Pictures, 2006.

Rubin, Platinum Illusions, Urban Dynasty/Fantasy World Entertainment, 2006.

Gio, The Virgin of Juarez, First Look International, 2006.

Diablo, Jack's Law, 11 Pictures/Dr. October, 2006.

Fatcap, Hood of Horror (also known as Snoop Dogg's "Hood of Horror"), Freestyle Releasing/Xenon Pictures, 2006.

Dusty, Splinter, Image Entertainment, 2006.

Warehouse rooftop hood, Crank, Lions Gate Films, 2006.

First subway guy, School for Scoundrels, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 2006.

Big Lucky, Six Thugs, After Tha Fact Films, 2006.

Caesar, Last Rites (also known as Gangs of the Dead), Screen Media Ventures, 2006.

Big Dino, Get Pony Boy, Voila Productions, 2007.

Lalo, Gordon Glass, Big Easy Productions, 2007.

Random, Evilution, Black Gate Entertainment/Island Gateway Films, 2007.

Vinnie, Loaded, Arsenal Pictures, 2007.

Second cholo, Ode, Kiran Entertainment/Mega Bollywood, 2007.

Army Ranger Ignacio Garza, Black Mountain, Black Mountain Films, 2007.

Jesus, 2001 Maniacs: Beverly Hellbillys, Darclight Films, 2007.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Frank Ortiz, Get Real, Fox, 1999.

Chico, Without a Trace (also known as W.A.T.), CBS, 2002.

Television Appearances; Movies:

(Uncredited) Street thug, The Dukes of Hazzard: Hazzard in Hollywood, NBC, 2000.

Chicken, Employee of the Month, Showtime, 2004.

Television Appearances; Series:

Host, Cruzin TV, 2004.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Lalo, "El Baile," Resurrection Blvd., Showtime, 2000.

First gangbanger, "Surekill," The X-Files, Fox, 2001.

(As Noel Albert Guglielmi) Vince, "Life Serial," Buffy the Vampire Slayer (also known as BtVS, Buffy, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Series), UPN, 2001.

David Ramirez, "Alter Boys," CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (also known as C.S.I., CSI: Las Vegas, CSI Weekends, and Les experts), CBS, 2001.

Craig, "6:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m.," 24, Fox, 2002.

Driver vamp, "Deep Down," Angel (also known as Angel: The Series), The WB, 2002.

Paco, "City of Strivers," Robbery Homicide Division (also known as R.H.D./LA: Robbery Homicide Division/Los Angeles), CBS, 2002.

Marco, "A Claude Casey Production," Less than Perfect, ABC, 2002.

Jose Rincon, "Laughlin All the Way to the Clink," NYPD Blue, ABC, 2003.

Prophets gang leader, "Slipknot," The Shield, FX Network, 2003.

Jose, "Street Boss," The Handler, CBS, 2003.

(Uncredited0 Man, "Mr. Monk and the Paperboy," Monk, USA Network, 2004.

Satchel, The Young and the Restless (also known as Y&R), CBS, 2004.

Rico Dominguez, "Shootout," CSI: Miami, CBS, 2005.

Cesar, "Soldier," Sleeper Cell (also known as Sleeper Cell: American Terror), Showtime, 2005.

Felix, "Judas," Wanted, TNT, 2005.

Victor Castillo, "Bait and Switch," Las Vegas, NBC, 2006.

Appeared as Dante in an episode of The District, CBS.



Voice of gangster, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (video game; also known as GTA: San Andreas and San Andreas), Rockstar Games, 2004.

The Making of "Seven Mummies," American World Pictures, 2005.

Voice of Cortez, 187 Ride or Die (video game), Ubi Soft France, 2005.

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Guglielmi, Noel 1970- (Noel Albert Guglielmi, Noel Gugliemi)

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