Guevara Espinosa, Ana Gabriela (1977–)

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Guevara Espinosa, Ana Gabriela (1977–)

Ana Guevara is a Mexican track and field athlete. The future "Sonoran Arrow" or "Golden Lady" or "Aztec Queen" was born on March 4, 1977 in Nogales, Sonora, where she played basketball through high school. She then began seriously training for track after moving to Ciudad Juárez in 1997. Racing mainly the 400-meter and the 4x400 relay, she has since won gold at numerous international competitions and silver at the 2004 Olympics. She is part of a generation of female athletes who have raised Mexican national pride and appreciation of women's changing place in society. At its 2006 Youth Awards, Univision named her Most Electrifying Female Athlete.

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Guevara Espinosa, Ana Gabriela (1977–)

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