Coates, Anne V. (1925—)

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Coates, Anne V. (1925—)

British film editor. Born in Reigate, England, in 1925; attended Bartrum College; married director Douglas Hickox.

Selected films:

The Pickwick Papers (1952); Lost (Tears for Simon, 1955); The Horse's Mouth (1958); Tunes of Glory (1960); Lawrence of Arabia (1962); Becket (1964); Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines (1965); Hotel Paradiso (1966); The Bofors Gun (1968); The Italian Job (1969); The Adventurers (1970); Request to the Nation (The Nelson Affair, 1973); Murder on the Orient Express (1974); The Eagle Has Landed (1976); (also co-producer) The Medusa Touch (1978); The Elephant Man (1980); Ragtime (1981); The Pirates of Penzance (1983); Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan (1984); Lord of the Apes (1984); Lady Jane (1986); Raw Deal (1986); Masters of the Universe (1987); (co-editor) Farewell to the King (1989); Listen to Me (1989); I Love You to Death (1990).

Leaving a career in nursing in the early 1950s to work in movies, British film editor Anne Coates has been associated with numerous major productions for close to four decades, including several for Hollywood. She won an Academy Award for editing Lawrence of Arabia (1962) and was nominated for Oscars for Becket (1964) and The Elephant Man (1980).