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Coastal Society, The

The Coastal Society (TCS), founded in 1975, is an international, nonprofit organization which serves as a forum for individuals concerned with problems related to coastal areas. Its members, drawn from university settings, government, and private industry, agree that the conservation of coastal resources demands serious attention and high priority.

TCS has four main goals: 1) to foster cooperation and communication among agencies, groups, and private citizens; 2) to promote conservation and intelligent use of coastal resources; 3) to strengthen the education and appreciation of coastal resources; and 4) to help government, industry, and individuals successfully balance development and protection along the world's coastlines. Through these goals, TCS hopes to educate the public and private sectors on the importance of effective coastal management programs and clear policy and law regarding the coasts.

Since its inception, TCS has sponsored numerous conferences and workshops. Individuals from various disciplines are invited to discuss different coastal problems. Past conferences have covered such topics as "Energy Across the Coastal Zone," "Resource Allocation Issues in the Coastal Environment," "The Present and Future of Coasts," and "Gambling with the Shore." Workshops are sponsored in conjunction with government agencies, universities, professional groups, and private organizations. Conference proceedings are subsequently published. TCS also publishes a quarterly magazine, TCS Bulletin, which features articles and news covering TCS affairs and the broader spectrum of coastal issues.

TCS representatives present congressional testimony on coastal management, conservation, and water quality . Recently the organization drafted a policy statement and it plans to take public positions on proposed policies affecting coastal issues.

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