Coates, Ken

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COATES, Ken. British, b. 1930. Genres: Business/Trade/Industry, Industrial relations, International relations/Current affairs, Money/Finance, Politics/Government, Social commentary. Career: Special Professor in Adult Education, University of Nottingham (member of the faculty 1960-). European Parliament, member, 1989-99. Coal miner, 1948-56. Publications: (with R. Silburn) Poverty, Deprivation, and Morale in a Nottingham Community, 1967; (with T. Topham) Industrial Democracy in Great Britain, 1967; (with R. Silburn) Poverty, 1970, rev. ed., 1983; The Crisis of British Socialism, 1971; Essays on Industrial Democracy, 1971; (with T. Topham) The New Unionism, 1972; Socialists and the Labour Party, 1975; New Worker Cooperatives, 1976; Beyond Wage Slavery, 1977; Democracy in the Labour Party, 1977; (with T. Topham) The Shop Steward's Guide to the Bullock Report, 1977; Industrial Development and Economic Planning, 1978; The Case of Nikolai Bukharin, 1978; European Nuclear Disarmament, 1980; (with T. Topham) Trade Unions in Britain, 1980; (with R. Silburn) Beyond the Bulldozer, 1980; Eleventh Hour for Europe, 1981; Work-Ins, Sit-Ins, and Industrial Democracy, 1981; Deterrence: Why We Must Think Again, 1981; Heresies: Resist Much, Obey Little, 1982; An Alternative Economy Strategy, 1982; The Social Democrats, 1983; The Most Dangerous Decade, 1984; (with T. Topham) Trade Unions and Politics, 1986; Think Globally, Act Locally, 1988; (with T. Topham) The Making of the Transport and General Workers Union, 1991; Human Rights in the World, 1992; (with S. Holland) Full Employment in Europe, 1995; Dear Commissioner, 1996; (with M.B. Brown) The Blair Revelation, 1996; Community under Attack, 1998. EDITOR: Democracy in the Mines, 1974; China and the Bomb, 1986; Civil and Academic Freedom in the U.S.S.R. and Eastern Europe, 1988. Address: Bertrand Russell House, Bulwell Ln, Nottingham NG6 0BT, England.