Ségalas, Anais (1814–1895)

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Ségalas, Anais (1814–1895)

French poet and playwright. Name variations: Anaïs Ségalas or Segalas. Born Anais Menard, 1814; died 1895; dau. of Charles Menard an Anne Bonne Portier, a creole of Santo Domingo; m. Victor Ségalas (Basque barrister), c. 1829.

Wrote sentimental poetry, novels, short stories, and plays which were popular in her day; poetry collections include Les Algériennes (1831), Oiseaux de passage (1836), and the didactic La Femme (1848), for which she is best known; joined Société de la Voix des Femmes (1848) and other Parisian feminist organizations, but stressed that a woman's sphere was in the home.

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