Segal, Walter

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Segal, Walter (1907–85). German-born architect of Romanian descent. He studied architecture at Delft, Zürich, and Berlin, where he met Bruno Taut and became interested in Expressionism. He settled in London, where he established a practice, publishing work in the 1940s and 1950s. His buildings include the Casa Piccolo, Ascona, Switzerland (1932), a housing estate, St Anne's Close, Highgate, London (1950), and a house at Rugby Road, Twickenham, Mddx. (1961). During the 1960s he became interested in low-cost housing, specializing in cheap timber-framed construction. His Timber House, Main Street, Yelling, Hunts. (1970), led to experiments in community architecture for the Lewisham Self-Build Housing Association, London (1977–80), and it was in the field of cheap, easily constructed housing that he became famous.


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