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syrup A solution of sugar which may be from a variety of sources, such as maple or sorghum, or stages in refining cane and beet sugar such as top syrup, refiners' syrup, sugar syrup, golden syrup, or by hydrolysis of starch (glucose or corn syrup).

Glucose syrup is the concentrated solution of sugars from the acid or enzymic hydrolysis of starch (usually maize or potato starch); a mixture of varying amounts of glucose, maltose, and glucose complexes. Usually 70% total solids by weight, containing glucose, maltose, and oligomers of glucose of three, four, or more units. May be in dried form. Used as a sweetening agent in sugar confectionery; also termed corn syrup, corn starch hydrolysate, starch syrup, confectioners' glucose, and uncrystallizable syrup.

Pancake syrup or maple flavour syrup is flavoured glucose syrup.

See also corn syrup; dextrose equivalent value.

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syr·up / ˈsirəp; ˈsər-/ (also sirup) • n. a thick sweet liquid made by dissolving sugar in boiling water, often used for preserving fruit. ∎  a thick sweet liquid containing medicine or used as a drink: cough syrup. ∎  a thick sticky liquid derived from a sugar-rich plant, esp. sugar cane, corn, and maple. ∎ fig. excessive sweetness or sentimentality of style or manner: Mr. Gurney's poems are almost all of them syrup.

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syrup •ketchup •callop, escallop, escalope, gallop, galop, Salop, shallop •develop, envelop •collop, dollop, gollop, lollop, scallop, scollop, trollop, Trollope, wallop •codswallop • Stanhope • larrup •satrap • caltrop •stirrup, syrup (US sirup) •Europearchbishop, bishop •tittup

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syrup, U.S. sirup thick sweet liquid. — (O)F. sirop or medL. siropus, sirupus, ult. from Arab. ŝarāb beverage, drink.
Hence syrupy (-Y1) XVIII.