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shot1 / shät/ • n. 1. the firing of a gun or cannon: he brought down a caribou with a single shot to the neck| fig. the opening shots have been fired in a legal battle over repairs. ∎  an attempt to hit a target by shooting: he asked me if I would like to have a shot at a pheasant. ∎  the range of a gun or cannon: six more desperadoes came galloping up and halted just out of rifle shot. ∎ fig. a critical or aggressive remark: Paul tried one last shot—“You realize what you want will cost more money?” ∎  a person with a specified level of ability in shooting: he was an excellent shot at short and long distances. 2. a hit, stroke, or kick of the ball in sports such as basketball, tennis, or golf: his partner pulled off a winning backhand shot. ∎  an attempt to drive a ball into a goal; an attempt to score: he took a shot that the goalie stopped. ∎ inf. an attempt to do something: several of the competitors will have a shot at the title. 3. (pl. same) a ball of stone or metal used as a missile fired from a large gun or cannon. ∎  (also lead shot) tiny lead pellets used in quantity in a single charge or cartridge in a shotgun. ∎  a heavy ball thrown by a shot-putter. 4. a photograph: she took a shot of me holding a lamp near my face. ∎  a film sequence photographed continuously by one camera: the movie's opening shot is of a character walking across a featureless landscape. ∎  the range of a camera's view: a prop man was standing just out of shot. 5. inf. a small drink, esp. of distilled liquor: he took a shot of whiskey. ∎  an injection of a drug or vaccine: Jerry gave the monkey a shot of a sedative. 6. the launch of a space rocket: a moon shot. PHRASES: give it one's best shot inf. do the best that one can. like a shot inf. without hesitation; willingly: “Would you go back?” “Like a shot.” a shot across the bowssee bow3 . a shot in the arm inf. an encouraging stimulus: the movie was a real shot in the arm for our crew. a shot in the darksee dark. shot2 past and past participle of shoot. • adj. 1. (of colored cloth) woven with a warp and weft of different colors, giving a contrasting iridescent effect when looked at from different angles: a dress of shot silk. ∎  interspersed with a different color: dark hair shot with silver. 2. inf. ruined or worn out: a completely shot engine will put you out of the race my nerves are shot. ∎  drunk. PHRASES: shot through with suffused with (a particular feature or quality): the mist was shot through with orange spokes of light. shot to pieces (or to hell) inf. ruined.

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shotallot, begot, Bernadotte, blot, bot, capot, clot, cocotte, cot, culotte, dot, forgot, garrotte (US garrote), gavotte, got, grot, hot, jot, knot, lot, Mayotte, motte, not, Ott, outshot, plot, pot, rot, sans-culotte, Scot, Scott, shallot, shot, slot, snot, sot, spot, squat, stot, swat, swot, tot, trot, twat, undershot, Wat, Watt, what, wot, yacht •robot • hotshot • peridot • microdot •Wyandot • polka dot • fylfot • mascot •Caldecott • carrycot • apricot •boycott • dovecote • sandlot • melilot •polyglot • Camelot • ocelot •monoglot • sub-plot • Lancelot •cachalot • counterplot • Wilmot •guillemot • motmot • bergamot

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shot a shot in the arm an encouraging stimulus (the shot is the injection of a drug or stimulant).
a shot in the dark an act whose outcome cannot be foreseen.
a shot in the locker a thing in reserve but ready for use; in literal use, the locker here is the compartment in which ammunition is kept.

See also a shot across the bows, Parthian shot, parting shot.

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Shot ★★½ Focus 2001 (R)

Photogra pher Robert (Karrer) befriends young Mar cus (Gray) when he discovers the inner city youth has a natural ability behind the lens. Robert gets drawn into the thug life but makes a big mistake when he photo graphs Marcus's older brother, Keith (Cameron), and his gang murdering undercover cops. 97m/C VHS, DVD . Brandon Karrer, Gary Gray, Trent Cameron, Jennifer Jostyn, Bruce Weitz; D: Roger Roth; W: Roger Roth; C: Mark Woods; M: Norman Arnold. VIDEO

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shot act of shooting; that which is shot; payment, share (cf. SCOT). OE. sċ(e)ot, ġesċ(e)ot = OS. -skot, MLG. (ge)scot, OHG. giscoz (g. (ge)schoss), ON. skot :- Gmc. *skutaz, *ʒaskut, f. *skut- *skeut- SHOOT.

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shot A source of seismic shock waves that are produced for experimental purposes, e.g. by a hammer, an explosion, an airgun, or a water gun.

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pellets collectively ; shots or discharges of missiles.

Examples : shot of cannon, 1642; of general dangers, 1662; of fish (single draught or catch), 1859; of foot soldiers; of ice, 1650; of nets (entire throw of fishing nets at one time); of noise and nastiness, 1718; of rain, 1673; of water, 1400; of words, 1567.

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