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in·ter·cept / ˌintərˈsept/ • v. [tr.] obstruct (someone or something) so as to prevent them from continuing to a destination: intelligence agencies intercepted a series of telephone calls I intercepted Ed on his way to work. ∎  chiefly Physics cut off or deflect (light or other electromagnetic radiation). ∎  Math. (of a line or surface) mark or cut off (part of a space, line, or surface). • n. an act or instance of intercepting something: he read the file of radio intercepts. ∎  Math. the point at which a given line cuts a coordinate axis; the value of the coordinate at that point. ∎ Football (of a defensive player) catch a forward pass. DERIVATIVES: in·ter·cep·tive / -tiv/ adj.

views updated

interceptadapt, apt, enrapt, rapt, unmapped, untapped •periapt • snow-capped •accept, crept, except, incept, inept, intercept, kept, leapt, overleaped, sept, slept, swept, upswept, wept, yclept •adept • housekept • transept •precept • concept • percept •rainswept • windswept • undraped •pearshaped •conscript, crypt, encrypt, harelipped, hipped, script, unequipped, unwhipped •Egypt • eucalypt • transcript •nondescript • typescript • manuscript •subscript •adopt, co-opt, Copt, opt •unhoped •abrupt, corrupt, disrupt, erupt, interrupt, irrupt •bankrupt •underdeveloped, undeveloped •excerpt • sculpt

views updated

intercept XVI. f. intercept-, pp. stem of L. intercipere, f. INTER- + capere take, seize.
So interception XVI. — F. or L.