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ap·point / əˈpoint/ • v. [tr.] 1. assign a job or role to (someone): she has been appointed to the board. 2. determine or decide on (a time or a place): they appointed a day in May for the meeting. ∎ archaic decree: such laws are appointed by God. 3. Law decide the disposal of (property of which one is not the owner) under powers granted by the owner. DERIVATIVES: ap·point·ee / əˌpoinˈtē/ n. ap·point·er n.

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appointaccount, amount, count, fount, miscount, mount, no-account, surmount •headcount • viscount • paramount •tantamount •don't, won't, wont •anoint, appoint, conjoint, joint, outpoint, point, point-to-point •standpoint •cashpoint, flashpoint •checkpoint • endpoint • breakpoint •needlepoint • midpoint • pinpoint •vantage point • knifepoint •strongpoint • viewpoint • gunpoint •counterpoint • punt •affront, blunt, brunt, bunt, confront, cunt, front, Granth, grunt, hunt, mahant, runt, shunt, stunt, up-front •exeunt • manhunt • headhunt •witch-hunt • seafront • beachfront •shopfront •forefront, storefront •waterfront

views updated


To designate, select, or assign authority to a position or an office.

Although sometimes used interchangeably, elect and appoint do not have the same meaning. Election refers to the selection of a public officer by the qualified voters of the community, and appointment refers to the selection of a public officer by one authorized by law to do so.

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appoint XIV. — OF. apointier, f. POINT (see AD-).
So appointment XV.

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