Introduction to the Codes, Oaths, and Directives

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The bioethics documents included in this Appendix are divided into six sections as listed in the table of contents. The first section contains documents that outline the health-related rights of individuals or address topics that are designed to implement such rights. The remaining sections contain directives that address the responsibilities of professionals, many of which can be understood as correlates of the rights of the individuals under their care or supervision.

The appendix for the third edition of the Encyclopedia of Bioethics has been substantially updated through online searches using the Google search engine. The internet has made many of these documents vastly more accessible. The careful researcher should use this appendix in tandem with his own online research. Frequently, these documents have their latest versions online.

Credits for the documents that appear in the Appendix can be found at the end of the Appendix.

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Introduction to the Codes, Oaths, and Directives

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Introduction to the Codes, Oaths, and Directives