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Hades Base

Hades Base is a flying saucer contactee and channeling group that originated in 1988 in Sedona, Arizona, where Russ Hatfield was introduced to the Ashtar Command. He attended a channeling session one evening at which Korton, described as in charge of communication for the Command, spoke through a trance channel named Roger Pinion. As the evening progressed, a second entity, Omal, the commander of Hades Base, a part of the Command, also spoke. Omal addressed some of his words to Hatfield, whom he explained was a communicator. Fascinated, over the next months Hatfield attended a number of sessions with Pinion. Then Pinion moved on to New Zealand, and Hatfield moved to Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

Five years later, Hatfield met Mark Crocker, who confided the ability he possessed to consciously leave his body in astral travel. On one of his astral flights he attempted to locate Hades Base. Crocker claimed that while following a spacecraft to Mars, he met two female entities known as Tia and Kiri, later learned to be his twin souls. Hatfield also said that he perfected the ability to travel astrally and also met his twin, an entity named Karra. The two, Crocker and Hatfield finally established contact with Omal, who agreed to begin channeling through Crocker. They began weekly channeling sessions that soon included a variety of beings from Hades Base, an underground location on Mars. The channeling described not only the Hades Base operation in great detail, but the whole Ashtar Command. Among its tasks is the protection of Earth from hostile extraterrestrials who wish to study and experiment on earthlings (the source of abduction stories).

According to Hades Base, The Ashtar Command has as its overall purpose the development of planetary beings apart from actually interfering with thier evolution. The Hades Base is dedicated to uplifting the human spirit and assisting individuals to reach their highest potential. The material channeled from the Ashtar Command is posted on Hades Base News, the website found at http://www.Oakweb.com/hades/, through which the earthly center of the base may also be contacted.


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