Fifth Epochal Fellowship

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Fifth Epochal Fellowship

The Fifth Epochal Fellowship continues the work of the URANTIA Brotherhood. It was originally founded in 1955 by students of The URANTIA Book, a large volume of channeled material published that same year. The brotherhood operated for many years as an association to nurture people who had been attracted to the Urantia teachings, and several of its members had published helpful study tools. However, in 1989, the brotherhood had a disagreement with the URANTIA Foundation, which owned the trademarks of the name URANTIA and the publishing rights to The URANTIA Book. The foundation withdrew the right of the brotherhood to use the name or the symbols associated with the book. The brotherhood reorganized, changing its name to the Fifth Epochal Fellowship, and continued much as before. The fellowship publishes a newsletter, the Fifth Epochal Fellowship Bulletin, and may be contacted at 529 W. Wrightwood, Chicago, IL 60614-1794.


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