Emissaries of Divine Light

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Emissaries of Divine Light

The Emissaries of Divine Light is an international spiritual community founded in 1932 by Lloyd Arthur Meeker, then a resident of Tennessee. He had for several years been giving focused consideration to the meaning of life which finally led him on an inner search and to a realization that he was responsible for the quality of his life experience. He came to the conclusion that humans were created to manifest the divine design. God is thus the focus of all beingness. Distortions in life appear when evil influences (fear, hate, anger, etc.) gain control of the mind. However, humans have the power to choose which influences they will allow to influence their mind.

Meeker began to write his conclusions under the pen name Uranda. He was soon joined by a young colleague, Lord Martin Cecil (d. 1988), who became head of the Emissaries following Meeker's death in a plane crash in 1954. Meeker had established the main U.S. center of the movement, Sunrise Ranch, in 1945 in Loveland, Colorado. Cecil opened the primary Canadian center at 100 Mile House in British Colombia.

The Emissaries now exists through 12 communal centers scattered around the globe, and in more than one hundred teaching centers, each managed by a small group of people affiliated with the movement. They offer classes and workshops that assist people in remembering their own divine nature. One method for doing that is "The Opening," a seminar/workshop experience that introduces individuals to their divine identity, the universal principles that govern life, and the nature of the invisible realm. Meeker also developed a unique healing process called Attunement, a non-touch healing technique that attempts to restore the spiritual element to the healing process. It begins in the harmonization of the healer, the patient, and the source of all being.

The Emissaries may be contacted through its American headquarters at 5569 N. Country Rd. 29, Loveland, CO 80537. It has an Internet site at http://www.emissaries.org.


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