Count Dracula Fan Club

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Count Dracula Fan Club

Founded in 1965 by Jeanne K. Youngson, with a member-ship of individuals interested in the literary and historical aspects of Bram Stoker 's book Dracula, and related topics of vampire and horror lore. Youngson became interested in the historical Dracula in college and, while touring Romania, she made the decision to start the club. The club disseminates information, issues newsletters and books to members, and sponsors movie showings, trips, and meetings. It maintains a large research library, opened in 1970, which includes books on vampires and of the horror genre.

The club provides a wide range of services for its members including assistance in locating hard-to-find books and helping authors working on books about Count Dracula or vampirism. The club also sells vampire memorabilia and artifacts.

The club is organized into a number of divisions, including the Research Referral Centre, Dracula Press, Vampire Book-shop, Booksearch, the Moldavian Marketplace, Dracula World Enterprises, the Vampire Institute, Vampire Pen Friends Network, and the Bram Stoker Memorial Association. Young members (age 16 and under) are enrolled in Vampires Are Us, the junior division. There are also Werewolf in Fact, Fiction, and Fantasy and International Frankenstein Society divisions.

The 5,000-member club publishes four newsletters: The Dracula News-Journal, Bites & Pieces, Leterzine, and Undead Undulations. Address: 29 Washington Square W., Penthouse N., New York, NY 10011.


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