Circle of Inner Truth

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Circle of Inner Truth

The Circle of Inner Truth was a short-lived channeling group built around the work of trance medium Marshall Lever. Lever, a young Presbyterian seminarian, discovered his mediumistic abilities and made contact with a spirit named Chung Fu, who described himself as a student of the ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu. In 1970 Lever and his wife, Quinta Lever, began the Circle of Truth as an instrument of Chung Fu's work. They gave up any home life and spent all of their time traveling and allowing Chung Fu to lecture and counsel people. In trance, Lever began to give health readings similar to those once offered by Edgar Cayce.

Chung Fu taught that humans have immortal spirits that live through many incarnations. The incarnating process continues until the individual identifies with a God-self during a life on Earth. Such an awareness is developed through the practices of affirmative meditation. Chung Fu also advised a regimen of nutrition and healthy practices.

The circle continued into the 1980s. The Levers issued a magazine, Our News and Views, from San Francisco. However, more recently, the Levers have moved on to other activities.


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