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Mugilidae (grey mullet; subclass Actinopterygii, order Perciformes) A family of marine and brackish-water fish, which occasionally enter rivers. A mullet has a fairly thick, solid body with rather large scales, the mouth bearing rows of fine teeth. The pelvic fins are located between the pectoral and first dorsal fins. The two widely separated dorsal fins are characteristic. Often congregating in large schools, most species feed on plankton, algae, or detritus. They are very tolerant of low salinity: some species, including Myxus (Trachystoma) petardi (freshwater mullet) of eastern Australia, are freshwater inhabitants. Mugli cephalus (striped, or common mullet), 65 cm, is an example of the commercially important food fish in the family. There are about 70 species, distributed world-wide in tropical and temperate waters.