Muggeson, Margaret Elizabeth

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MUGGESON, Margaret Elizabeth

MUGGESON, Margaret Elizabeth. Also writes as Margaret Dickinson, Everatt Jackson. British, b. 1942. Genres: Novels. Career: Skegness District Education Office, Local Government Officer, 1963-70. Publications: Pride of the Courtneys, 1968; Brackenbeck, 1969; Portrait of Jonathan, 1970; (as Everatt Jackson) The Road to Hell, 1975; The Abbeyford Trilogy: Sarah, Adelina, and Carrie, 1981; Lifeboat!, 1983; Beloved Enemy, 1984; Plough the Furrow, 1994; Sow the Seed, 1995; Reap the Harvest, 1996; The Miller's Daughter, 1997; Chaff upon the Wind, 1998; The Fisher Lass, 1999; The Tulip Girl, 2000; The River Folk, 2001; Tangled Threads, 2002; Twisted Strands, 2003.