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1. An epoch in the Pennsylvanian dated at 311.3–303 Ma ( Harland et al., 1989), comprising the Vereiskian, Kashirskian, Podolskian, and Myachkovskian Ages (these are also stage names in eastern European stratigraphy). The Moscovian is preceded by the Bashkirian and followed by the Kasimovian Epochs.

2. The name of the corresponding eastern European series, which is roughly contemporaneous with the Atokan and Desmoinesian (N. America) and the Westphalian B, C, and D plus the lowermost Stephanian (western Europe).

3. (Moskva Drift) A drift unit that overlies the deposits of the Odintsovo Interstadial, occurring in European Russia. It is equivalent to part of the Saalian of western Europe.

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