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Haloragis (raspwort; family Haloragidaceae) A genus of rough, perennial herbs that have opposite or alternate leaves which are entire, toothed, or lobed. The flowers are unisexual or bisexual, small, and held in terminal panicles or racemes. The 2–4 sepals are united into a tube with erect but short lobes, and are usually persistent, remaining over the ovary. The calyx tube is usually ribbed. The 2–4 petals are keeled and incurving, often hairy on the outer side, and often absent in female flowers. There are twice as many stamens as petals, and each has a short filament and a long anther. There are 2–4 carpels, with the same number of styles. The fruit is a small nut with single-seeded locules, which are sometimes abortive. There are 26 species, found mostly in Australia, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Easter Island, and Juan Fernandez.