Halperín-Donghi, Tulio (1926–)

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Halperín-Donghi, Tulio (1926–)

Tulio Halperín-Donghi (b. 27 October 1926), Argentine historian. Born and educated in Argentina, Halperín-Donghi received his doctorate from the University of Buenos Aires in 1955. He taught at the universities of Rosario and Buenos Aires from 1955 until the military coup led by Juan Carlos Onganía in 1966. Since then, he taught at Harvard, Oxford, and the University of California at Berkeley. Halperín-Donghi's work covers a wide range of topics in political history, economic and fiscal history, and social and intellectual history. His contributions on the crisis of independence, the fledging efforts at national organization, and the social and economic continuities from the Bourbon to the post-Independence periods are particularly strong. His most important work is Revolución y guerra: Formación de una elite dirigente en la Argentina criolla (1972), which details the breakdown of the colonial order and the emergence of new elites in a context of social and political crisis. Other works include Tradición política española e ideología revolucionaria de Mayo (1961), Guerra y finanzas en los orígenes del estado argentino (1982), and José Hernández y sus mundos (1985). He has also written such comprehensive histories as Historia contemporánea de América Latina (1969), Hispanoamérica después de la independencia (1972), and El espejo de la historia: Problemas argentinos y perspectivas latin-oamericanas (1987). This last volume places Argentina in a Latin American context and reveals how Halperín-Donghi's view of the region has been deepened by his years of life abroad. He retired from the University of California at Berkeley in 1994. Halperín-Donghi continues to write prolifically, exploring intellectual, political, and social movements in nineteenth- and twentieth-century Argentina, as in Proyecto y construcción de una nación: 1846–1880 (1995) and La República imposible (1930–1945) (2004).


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