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microelectronics In electronics, systems designed and produced without wiring or other bulky components. They allow a high packing density, greatly reducing the size of component assemblies. Following World War 2, the application of such newly developed devices as the transistor saw the beginnings of the microelectronics industry. This accelerated with the development of the printed circuit. Even further reduction in size, or microminiaturization, was achieved with integrated circuits. Molecular electronics is a new development that promises a further size-reduction. Experimental nanotechnology, for example, has manipulated electrons and atoms for workable devices.

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mi·cro·e·lec·tron·ics / ˌmīkrōiˌlekˈträniks/ • pl. n. [usu. treated as sing.] the design, manufacture, and use of microchips and microcircuits. DERIVATIVES: mi·cro·e·lec·tron·ic adj.

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