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Microcosmos ★★★ 1996 (G)

Warning: Do not attempt to smash the bugs on the screen with your shoe. They're supposed to be there. This French documentary uses special cameras and sound recording devices to explore the world of insects like never before. The editing and score also add a human dimension to the creepy-crawly world under the lawn, making amorous snails and workaholic beetles seem like people you know (well, if they had an extra set of legs and a shell-like carapace). Of course, if you don't like bugs, then this is just a 77-minute gross out. Cameo appearances by some birds and frogs. 77m/C VHS, DVD . FRD: Claude Nuridsany, Marie Perennou; C: Claude Nuridsany, Marie Perennou, Hughes Ryffel, Thierry Machado; M: Bruno Coulais. Cesar ‘97: Art Dir./ Set Dec., Cinematog., Film Editing, Sound, Score.