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viewing •pennyfarthing • plaything •silversmithing • anything •everything • northing • nothing •something • rebirthing • farthing •scathing • sheathing •tithing, writhing •southing • clothing • underclothing •Worthing • carving • woodcarving •delving •craving, engraving, paving, raving, saving, shaving •self-deceiving, unbelieving, weaving •living, misgiving, thanksgiving, unforgiving •skydiving • piledriving • coving •approving, reproving, unmoving •unloving •Irving, serving, unswerving •time-serving • lapwing • waxwing •batwing • redwing • lacewing •beeswing • forewing • downswing •outswing • viewing • upswing •underwing • phrasing • stargazing •trailblazing • hellraising • unpleasing •rising, surprising •self-aggrandizing • uncompromising •unpatronizing • uprising •enterprising • appetizing •Dowsing, housing •unimposing •amusing, confusing, musing

views updated

view·ing / ˈvyoōing/ • n. the action of inspecting or looking at something: the owner may allow viewing by appointment. ∎  the action of watching something on television: it is quite unsuitable for family viewing. ∎  an opportunity to see something, esp. a work of art.

views updated

viewing The mapping of scenes defined in a world-coordinate system to pictures seen from a particular view point, possibly with culling of the original scene and clipping of the area viewed.

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