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ter·mi·nal / ˈtərmənl/ • adj. 1. of, forming, or situated at the end or extremity of something: a terminal date | the terminal tip of the probe. ∎  of or forming a transportation terminal: terminal platforms. ∎  Zool. situated at, forming, or denoting the end of a part or series of parts furthest from the center of the body. ∎  Bot. (of a flower, inflorescence, etc.) borne at the end of a stem or branch.Often contrasted with axillary. 2. (of a disease) predicted to lead to death, esp. slowly; incurable: terminal cancer. ∎  suffering from or relating to such a disease: a hospice for terminal cases. ∎  (of a condition) forming the last stage of such a disease. ∎ inf. extreme and usually beyond cure or alteration (used to emphasize the extent of something regarded as bad or unfortunate): you're making a terminal ass of yourself. • n. 1. an end or extremity of something, in particular: ∎  the end of a railroad or other transport route, or a station at such a point. ∎  a departure and arrival building for air passengers at an airport. ∎  an installation where oil or gas is stored at the end of a pipeline or at a port. 2. a point of connection for closing an electric circuit. 3. a device at which a user enters data or commands for a computer system and that displays the received output. 4. (also terminal figure) another term for terminus (sense 3). DERIVATIVES: ter·mi·nal·ly adv. (in sense 2 of the adjective ) a terminally ill woman.

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terminalannal, channel, flannel, impanel, multichannel, panel •cracknel •grapnel, shrapnel •carnal •antennal, crenel, fennel, kennel •regnal •anal, decanal •adrenal, officinal, penal, renal, venal •signal, spignel •hymnal • cardinal • libidinal • ordinal •attitudinal, latitudinal, longitudinal •altitudinal •imaginal, paginal •marginal, submarginal •aboriginal • virginal • disciplinal •seminal •criminal, liminal, subliminal •abdominal, nominal, phenomenal, pronominal •noumenal •germinal, terminal •vaticinal, vicinal •sentinel • intestinal • Juvenaldoctrinal, final, semi-final, spinal, urinal, vaginal •quarterfinal •cantonal, O'Connell •cornel • nounal •atonal, Donal, hormonal, Monel, patronal, polytonal, tonal, zonal •motional •lagoonal, monsoonal, tribunal •communal •Chunnel, funnel, gunnel, gunwale, runnel, tunnel •autumnal • meridional •embryonal, Lionel •diagonal, heptagonal, hexagonal, octagonal, tetragonal •trigonal • orthogonal • occasional •divisional, provisional, visional •delusional, fusional, illusional •regional • original • coronal • arsenal •medicinal •impersonal, interpersonal, personal, transpersonal •irrational, national, passional, rational •factional, fractional, redactional, transactional •confessional, congressional, expressional, impressional, obsessional, processional, professional, progressional, recessional, secessional, sessional, successional •connectional, correctional, directional, interjectional, intersectional, sectional, unidirectional •ascensional, attentional, conventional, declensional, intentional, tensional, three-dimensional, two-dimensional •conceptional, exceptional, perceptional •durational, locational, oblational, relational, vocational •rotational •additional, positional, tuitional, volitional •fictional, jurisdictional •inscriptional • optional • proportional •devotional, emotional, notional, promotional •constitutional, evolutional, institutional, substitutional •constructional, fluxional, instructional •conjunctional, dysfunctional, functional, multifunctional •versional • seasonal •colonel, diurnal, eternal, external, fraternal, infernal, internal, journal, kernel, maternal, nocturnal, paternal, supernal, vernal

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1. A data input and/or output device that is connected to a controlling processor to which it is subservient and usually remote. There are a very wide range of terminal types. The VDU is frequently used as a terminal by which a user can input queries or instructions and receive instructions. The information may be in the form of text or it may be mainly graphical. Terminals designed for a particular environment and business activity come under a general heading of application terminals. If the terminal has a built-in capability to store and manipulate data it is classed as an intelligent terminal; without this capability terminals are classed as dumb.

2. (terminal symbol) See grammar.

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1. Term.

2. Ornamental finish, or termination, of an object, e.g. a finial, bench-end in a church, or knob.