Yeivin, Yehoshua Heschel

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YEIVIN, YEHOSHUA HESCHEL (1891–1970), Hebrew writer and editor. Born in Vinnitsa, Ukraine, Yeivin studied medicine, but gradually left his profession in favor of literature. After emigrating to Palestine in 1924, he joined the founders of the Revisionist movement in 1928 and henceforth became an editor of its press and a regular contributor to it.

His first literary articles and essays appeared in Haolam of Odessa, and he continued to publish in Ha-Tekufah and other periodicals. In the Revisionist press he published articles and novels on historical subjects. In 1959 he won first place in the Israel Bible Contest. His books include: Sippurim (1928); Be-Sod Ḥalalim (1930); Uri Ẓevi Greenberg, Meshorer Meḥokek (1938); Milḥemet Beit Ḥashmonai (a story about the Hasmoneans, 1953); Ha-Ḥayyah ha-Revi'it (1949); Mi-Me'onot Arayot (stories of the underground movement, 1954); Bi-Shevilei Emunat Yisrael (essays, 1960); and Ha-Malkhut Asher Lo Tissof (1967).


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