Yeivin, Israel

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YEIVIN, ISRAEL (1923– ), Hebrew Language scholar, son of Yehoshua Heschel *Yeivin. Israel Yeivin was born in Berlin and in 1925 came with family to Palestine. In addition to supervising the ancient literature section in the Academy of the Hebrew Language's Historical Hebrew Language Dictionary project, he did research on ancient biblical manuscripts as part of the Hebrew University Bible project. He was professor in the Hebrew University Hebrew Language department. In 1989 he received the Israel Prize for research in the Hebrew language. Among his books are Keter Aram Zova, Nikkudo u-Te'amav ("Keter Aram Zova. Its Vocalization and Cantillation Signs," 1969) and Masoret ha-Lashon ha-Ivrit ha-Mishtakefet ba-Nikkud ha-Bavli ("The Hebrew Language Tradition as Reflected in the Babylonian Vocalization," 1985; Ha -Masorah la-Mikra'i ("The Biblical Masorah," 2003).

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