Vitry, Philippe de

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Medieval composer and theorist of great originality (also spelled Vitri); b. Vitry (Champagne), France, Oct. 31, 1291; d. Meaux, June 2, 1361. In addition to writing, Vitry served for some time as secretary to Charles IV and Philip VI of France, held several canonries, and eventually became bishop of Meaux. His praises were sung by petrarch and others, yet little of his music has been preserved in comparison with what we have of his nearcontemporary, machaut. Vitry's treatise, Ars Nova (Paris c. 1320), deals with then-current problems of rhythm in a way that characterizes its author as a musician's theorist. His compositions not only bear out his theories but also present the epigrammatic medieval ordo, or rhythmic pattern, in a new and more spacious guise, which in modern times has come to be known as isorhythm. Vitry's motets are not liturgical: the political scene held his interest when he had leisure to compose, so that texts are found on such subjects as the struggle between the Angevins and the Aragonese for possession of Sicily (O canenda vulgo/Rex quem metrorum ).

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