Thieberger, Friedrich

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THIEBERGER, FRIEDRICH (1888–1958), writer and translator. Son of the rabbi of Golčův Jenikov, Bohemia, Thieberger intended to become a rabbi himself, but instead became a teacher of modern languages in German secondary schools in Prague. Influenced by Martin *Buber's visit to Prague in 1910, Thieberger became interested in Jewish religious philosophy, on which he published numerous articles. He was active in *B'nai B'rith and edited its monthly B'nai B'rith Monatsblaetter fuer den čechoslovakischen Staat. In 1939, when the Germans entered Prague, Thieberger left for Jerusalem, where he became librarian of the B'nai B'rith library.

Thieberger translated Morris *Rosenfeld's poems into German (1907). His Juedisches Fest, juedischer Brauch, published in Germany (1936), was accepted with interest by Jews who had become aware of their Jewish heritage under Hitler's regime. His King Solomon was published in English (1947); and Die Glaubensstufen des Judentums was published in 1952. He translated Joseph *Klausner'sFrom Jesus to Paul into German (1950).


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