Shulvass (Szulwas), Moses Avigdor

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SHULVASS (Szulwas), MOSES AVIGDOR (1909–1988), scholar and educator. Born in Plonsk, Poland, Shulvass studied in Berlin. He lived in Ereẓ Israel from 1938 to 1948 and then immigrated to the United States, where he eventually became professor of Jewish history at Spertus College of Jewish Studies in Chicago.

His publications in many languages include historical studies on Italian Jewry. Of special interest are his books Roma ve-Yerushalayim ("Rome and Jerusalem," 1945); Ḥayyei ha-Yehudim be-Italyah bi-Tekufat ha-Renaissance ("Jewish Life in Renaissance Italy," 1955); and his biographical sketch of Samuel David *Luzzatto with documentary supporting material, Pirkei Ḥayyim (1951). He also published two volumes of essays on various aspects of Jewish history, Bi-Ẓevat ha-Dorot ("In the Grip of Generations," 1960) and Between the Rhine and Bosphorus (1964) as well as Die Juden in Wuerzburg waehrend des Mittelalters (1934). He also wrote From East to West (1971), Jewish Culture in Eastern Europe (1975), and The History of the Jewish People (1982).


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