Shulner, Dora

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SHULNER, DORA (Schulner , née Feldman ; 1889–1962), Yiddish writer. Born in 1889 in Radomyshl, Kiev province, she immigrated to the U.S. in 1924. Her first stories appeared in the Frayhayt in 1940, and her work continued to appear in the Chicago Jewish Courier, Undzer Veg, Kalifornye Yidishe Shtime, and periodicals published in Toronto, Winnipeg, and Mexico. Her first book, Azoy Hot es Pasirt ("Thus It Happened") was published in Chicago in 1942, followed by Miltshin un Andere Dertseylungen ("Miltshin and Other Stories," 1946), Esther (1949), and Geshtaltn ("Figures," 1956). Most important is her frank portrayal of Jewish women in the Russian Pale of Settlement immediately before, during, and after the Russian Revolution and Civil War.


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[Vivian Felsen (2nd ed.)]