Shami, Yitzḥak

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SHAMI, YITZḤAK (1888–1949), Hebrew writer. Born in Hebron, he taught in Ekron, Damascus, and Philippopolis (Plovdiv), Bulgaria. In 1919, he returned to Hebron where he served as a teacher and was active in the Jewish community. He moved to Tiberias in 1926, and finally settled in Haifa in 1930.

His first short story, "Ha-Akarah," set in the Sephardi community, was published in Ha-Omer (1907). Subsequently his stories dealing with the Sephardi and Arabic milieu of Palestine appeared in various literary journals in Palestine and abroad (including Ha-Tekufah, Ha-Shilo'ah). His collected stories, with an introduction by Asher Barash, were published posthumously (Sippurei Yitzḥak Shami, 1951). A new edition of Nikmat ha-Avot with an introduction by G. Shaked appeared in 1975. Hebron Stories, a collection in English translation with an introduction by Arnold J. Band, appeared in 2000. For English translations of his works, see Goell, Bibliography, p. 75.


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