Shame 1961

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Shame ★★★½ The Intruder; I Hate Your Guts; The Stranger 1961

Strangely un successful low-budget Corman effort, star ring pre-”Star Trek” Shatner as a free lance bigot who travels around Missouri stirring up opposition to desegregation. Moralistic and topical but still powerful. Adapted from the equally excellent novel by Charles Beaumont. Uses location film ing superbly to render a sense of every dayness and authenticity. 84m/B VHS, DVD . William Shatner, Frank Maxwell, Jeanne Cooper, Robert Emhardt, Leo Gordon, Charles Beaumont, Beverly Lunsford, William F. Nolan, George Clay ton Johnson; D: Roger Corman; W: Charles Beau mont; C: Taylor Byars; M: Herman Stein.