Schloessinger, Max

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SCHLOESSINGER, MAX (1877–1944), scholar and Zionist worker. Schloessinger, born in Heidelberg, was educated at the Universities of Berlin and Vienna, at the Israelitische Lehranstalt Vienna, and at the Berlin Hochschule fuer die Wissenschaft des Judentums. In 1903 he moved to New York as office editor of the Jewish Encyclopaedia. The following year he was appointed librarian and instructor at Hebrew Union College, Cincinnati, but resigned in 1907 following a dispute over Zionism. Returning to Germany, he began a successful import-export business. Shortly after the outbreak of World War i he moved to Holland for business reasons, and then settled in Palestine.

Schloessinger was active in Zionist work in Holland, serving as director of the Jewish National Fund. His friendship with J.L. *Magnes when both were students in Berlin led him to a close identification with the work of the Hebrew University. Schloessinger served as a member of the university's board of governors from its inception, and at various times acted as deputy to Magnes in the office of chancellor. In recognition of his contributions to the study of Islamic Jewish literature, Schloessinger was made a fellow of the University School of Oriental Studies. Owing to ill health, he moved to New York in 1939.

[Sefton D. Temkin]

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Schloessinger, Max

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