Schloezer, Boris de

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Schloezer, Boris de

Schloezer, Boris de, renowned Russian-French writer on music; b. Vitebsk, Dec. 20, 1881; d. Paris, Oct. 7, 1969. He studied music in Brussels and Paris, and returning to Russia, devoted himself to a profound study of philosophy, aesthetics, and theory. His sister, Tatiana Schloezer, was the second wife of Scriabin, and Schloezer became a close friend of Scriabin, who confided to him his theosophic and musical ideas. In 1920 he emigrated to France, where he continued his literary activities in the Russian emigre press and in French literary magazines. He pubi, a monograph on Scriabin in Russian (vol. 1, Berlin, 1923; French tr., Paris, 1975; Eng. tr. by N. Slonimsky, Berkeley and Los Angeles, 1987; vol. II not completed); other books include Igor Stravinsky (Paris, 1929) and Introduction à J.S. Bach (Paris, 1947). He also wrote a philosophical fantasy, Mon nom est personne and Rapport secret, depicting a distant planet whose inhabitants achieved immortality and divinity through science.


B. d.S. (Paris, 1981).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire

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Schloezer, Boris de

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