Rosenblum, Herzl

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ROSENBLUM, HERZL (1903–1991), Israeli journalist. Born in Latvia, Rosenblum studied law at the University of Vienna. An associate of Ze'ev *Jabotinsky, he made aliyah in 1935, after which he worked as a journalist on the Revisionist newspaper Ha-Boker. He was a leading member of the "Jewish State" Party, and as its representative signed the Declaration of Independence (signing with the Hebraized translation of his name, Herzl Vardi). Giving up a promising political career in the Knesset, Rosenblum was appointed editor of *Yedioth Aharonoth, after the "putsch" in 1948 by its editor, Dr. Azriel *Carlebach, and the founding of the *Maariv newspaper. With the newspaper's newsgathering carried out by Dov *Yudkovsky, Rosenblum's work comprised writing a signed editorial column which appeared daily until his retirement in 1983. Taking a Revisionist line, the widely read column, with its telegraphic style, also reflected popular Israeli opinion. In Yedioth Aharonoth's tradition of being the "nation's newspaper," Rosenblum ensured that the newspaper's op-ed pages were open to a broad spectrum of political opinion. His son and grandson, Moshe *Vardi and Doron Rosenblum, were also journalists, Vardi becoming editor of Yedioth. His memoirs, Tippot min Ha-Yam ("Drops from the Ocean"), were published in 1988.

[Yoel Cohen (2nd ed.)]

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Rosenblum, Herzl

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