Rāma, Al-

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RĀMA, AL- , Christian-Arab and Druze village in Upper Galilee, Israel, at the foot of Mt. Ha-Ari. Reported uninhabited and in ruins in 1729, the village thrived in the 20th century, and as in antiquity, is one of the principal olive-growing centers in the country. In the Israel War of *Independence, al-Rāma fell to Israel forces in October 1948. The number of inhabitants increased from about 1,100 in 1947 to 3,570 in 1968, with a majority of Christians (mostly Greek-Orthodox and Greek-Catholic), and about one-third Druze. In 1954 al-Rāma received municipal council status. In 2002 the population of al-Rāma was 7,280 in an area of 2.5 sq. mi. (6 sq. km.). Among the inhabitants, 51.5% were Christian, 29% Druze, and 18% Muslims. Income in the village was much lower than the national average.

[Efraim Orni /

Shaked Gilboa (2nd ed.)]