Rām Dās, Gurū

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Rām Dās, Gurū (1534–81 CE). Fourth Sikh Gurū. Rām Dās (‘God's servant’) was the name assumed by Jeṭhā (‘first-born’) on becoming Gurū in 1574.

As Gurū, Rām Dās is best remembered for founding Amritsar, variously known as Gurū kā Chak, Chak Rām Dās, and Rāmdāspur. Reputedly the land was granted by emperor Akbar to Bībī Bhānī. Rām Dās organized preaching through a network of masands based in mañjīs. The Ādi Granth contains 679 of his hymns (including pauṛīs and śaloks). His Lāvān is central to Anand marriage.