Rām Si̇gh

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Rām Siṅgh (b. 1816). Founder of Nāmdhārī Sikh movement. Rām Siṅgh, a carpenter from Bhainī Sāhib, Pañjāb, was a disciple of Bālak Siṅgh. He made Nāmdhārīs distinguishable from other Sikhs by their white turbans, tied in the manner of Gurū Nānak's, their woollen rosaries, style of worship, and greeting. He led resistance to the British authorities, prophesying a Sikh revival. Nāmdhārīs await his return to herald a new age, and thus, although non-Nāmdhārīs believe he died in 1885, Nāmdhārīs do not believe he has died.