Pamplona, Francis of

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Capuchin lay brother and missionary; b. Pamplona, Spain, Aug. 11, 1597; d. La Guaira, Venezuela, Aug. 31, 1651. He was born Tiburcio de Redin, of a noble family, and first followed a career in the military, holding high offices and distinguishing himself for his skill and courage. In 1637, however, he was converted to a life of penance as a Capuchin and dedicated his efforts to the foreign missions. He joined Bonaventure of Allesano in founding a Capuchin mission in the Congo in 1645. Returning to Europe, he solicited support for the missions in London, Rome, and Madrid. After 1647 he went to the missions in Spanish America, where he spent his remaining years laboring in Panama and Venezuela.

Bibliography: c. da terzorio, Le missioni dei Minori Cappuccini, v. 10 (Rome 1938) 370398. Documentos históricos: Fray Francisco de Pamplona, v.3 (1948) 6773.

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