Naḥman Bar Rav Huna

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NAḤMAN BAR RAV HUNA (first half of the fifth century c.e.), Babylonian amora. According to the letter of Sherira Gaon (ed. by B.M. Lewin (1921), 94f.), during 452–55 Naḥman was head of the academy in Mata Meḥasya which had been revived by Ashi, succeeding Idi b. Avin, Ashi's successor. According to Halevy, the amora Naḥman mentioned in the Babylonian Talmud as a contemporary of Ravina and Ashi (Er. 27a; Ket. 7a; Kid. 6b; et al.) is the same person. Halevy suggests that he was the brother of the younger Ravina who was considered by some scholars to have completed the editing of the Babylonian Talmud, since, according to Sherira, the father of Ravina was also Huna, but this is refuted by S. and Ḥ. Albeck (see bibl.).


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[David Joseph Bornstein]